Mission Valley Foreign Car Service Inc.
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With few exceptions, we can provide any services that your car needs.  As part of our comprehensive services we would like to highlight the following features that set us apart from other auto repair shops.


Quality Control

Quality control is paramount to everything that we do.  One example of how we ensure quality control are "hood checks."  Hood checks are where the operating mechanic reviews all his works after he has completed a particular job. After his review, his work is checked again by me. Hood checks take only 2-3 minutes and can help prevent oversights that could cause hours of customer frustration and inconvenience. 

Efficient Diagnosis

To improve the efficiency in diagnosing and repairing all cars, we utilize specialized networks, databases and service information providers.  Compared to a 'trial and error' process, using these resources to guide us is tremendously more efficient. It is like having the staffs of hundreds of shops at our disposal, providing information based on a history of 'confirmed fixes' of similar or identical problems.

Fullfill Customer Needs

Some of my customers find it hard to be without transportation when their car is in the shop. To hopefully solve this problem we have arranged with nearby Hertz Rent A Car to charge my customers only 24.95 a day. A few customers live only two to three miles away and just need a ride home. We frequently help with this, just let us know ahead of time. We also have a nearby trolley station and can drive you there and pick you up on your return. 

Accomodating Customers

Most repair shops, including dealerships and franchises, strive to accommodate their customers, but corporate rules and procedures usually limit how much they are able to do this. Fortunately, my shop is only run by my wife and me, so there are far less restrictions on how much we can accommodate our customers. We actually enjoy accommodating our customers and look forward to being helpful and going the extra step to make our customer's lives a little easier.